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Hello LJ
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Yesterday Suzy posted about Livejournal and it's weird that I got an email from LJ asking me to come back and invite my friends.  So I'm here.  I have a lot to write about.

Who is still here?  Can I get a roll call?

From Mike, just now
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Hi. I am writing in hopes that you still don't hate me but I figure you will always think I suck.

I hope we can get past that because i love you dearly still and always (sorry, had to vomit just now, urgh) will.

I am having hard times as we all are but I just wanted to continually apologize for being a fucker and leaving you in the lurch. I feel like a guilty sack of shit and really ashamed for the way things went down. It seems you are much happier now with your new life and that makes me happy.

You are still my little dolly-mop and you brought miles of sunshine and happiness to me and were kind and helpful and supportive and sweet when I needed it most. I think of you often, daily, and wished somehow I could have been a better boyfriend, lover, friend and someone you could depend on, but I wasn't. For that I will always feel horrible and guilty and sad. You deserved so much and I gave you so little. I wanted to save you but could barely save myself.
I am so sorry little girl, you are so wonderful and beautiful and to me you will always be next to my heart like a hammy or rat, in a good way.

I miss you and your giggles and your ,"America's funniest Home Videos," and the way you smell and your soft hair and pretty giant eyes. I miss your freaking out over small furry things and the Chipmunks and watching you do the Roger Rabbit.

You mean the world to me and I just wanted to remind you of that. I had a lifetime of happiness and some sad times too but overall you will always be loved by me. I understand if you don't believe me or think the worst, you have every right but i am hoping one day you will forgive me, somehow, in some way but I know I don't deserve it.

I love you. You should send me your address so I can eventually send you things to spruce up your new home, maybe replace the Chipmunks X-Mas thing and other things you had in storage. I would be honored if you allowed me that opportunity. I hope you have a beautiful day and know that I think of you all the time pretty much. Be good and be safe with all that getting hammered business.

Ok, well, hopefully we can talk soon. You are an angel Kelly Mitchells and don't forget that.



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